Large System


The main unit, which is on casters and has handles to make transport easier, has an 8 way mixer desk, single CD player, twin cassette decks and amplifier built in.

The amplifier provides a 250w per channel output.

We also provide JBL speakers on tripod stands each with either 10m or 25m of cable (please specify when booking).

You can of course connect an iPod or any other device provided it can connect via phono or XLR leads (if you are not sure please ask).

We also supply microphones and microphone stands (boom or stand up don’t forget to tell us how many you need) and powered monitor speakers.

The Mixer has 6 XLR / Line inputs and 2 for connection to other audio devices (normally the CD and Tape decks

Want more information? Download the instructions here ( 2.5Mb PDF file)


£85 a Day    £111 a Weekend  £170 a Week

This includes speakers, speaker cables and one microphone. But excludes additional microphones and delivery.

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